Lisa Arzamasova will settle down with a older man

Лиза Арзамасова свяжет судьбу с человеком старше себя
Actress Lisa Arzamasova became popular after starring in the TV series “Daddy’s girls”, where she played Galina, staring into space.

Лиза Арзамасова свяжет судьбу с человеком старше себя

After that her career went uphill. The 22-year-old Lisa more than 30 films, including a part in the performances.

Arzamasova tries not to dwell on his personal life.

Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to check the date of birth of Lisa and to predict its future.

“Lisa was born in “Day acrobat” – said Clara. Her life code – 358336 – shows that she is artistic and imperious nature. She opened the channel predictor, it is able to see prophetic dreams. With perfect manners and apparent fragility, this girl – he was still the commander. Great hard worker, charismatic and successful, with analytical skills, Lisa is bored with her peers, her precocious intellect causes the actress to reach out to people a lot older than her age. This also applies to men: the same age she’s not interested, when the time comes, her choice would fall exactly on a Mature representative of the stronger sex”.

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