Пелагея сразила публику точеной фигурой после родов The singer appeared at a concert of “the Voice” in the Kremlin. Fans and colleagues were delighted with the figure of the artist. Pelagia took the stage in a tight dress that emphasized her toned form.

      Пелагея сразила публику точеной фигурой после родов

      Yesterday in the Kremlin was a massive show featuring multiple artists of “the Voice” and star mentors and presenters. The event was timed to the fifth anniversary of the filming of the vocal project in Russia. The artists did not hide their joy at meeting each other, took many pictures and shared the latest news.

      Before the concert spectators were trying to guess whether there will be on the evening Pelageya. Fortunately for her fans, the singer didn’t just up on stage, but also acted as a co-presenter Dmitry Nagiyev. The appearance of the blonde made a splash. Not so long ago, becoming a mother, she lost even more. Black floor-length dress with open back stressed graceful body contour beauty.

      Пелагея сразила публику точеной фигурой после родов

      Now the singer is not so often that you meet at events and parties – the young mother spends her daughter Taisia. According to star, the girl grows like a dad of a hockey player Ivan Telegin. But the talent went to the artist – the same musical and plastic. Despite this, some parental worries wringing discomfort. On the program Evening Urgant celebrity spoke about how to cope with the baby. Even then, on the show, she came in great shape, which could not fail to notice the fans.

      Fans discuss the frames wife Pelagia with a small daughter


      “I’m a lazy mother. The most difficult thing for me right now is to walk with Taisiya through the woods. The snow came down, the word is out and sticks to the wheels of the stroller. I know that other mothers just put cradles with the children in the balcony, but I have no balcony, so you have to walk every day for two hours. And I’m very lazy”.

      By the way, and at the concert “Voices” many artists have amazed fans external changes. Not all follow the social networks of their Pets, so were surprised by the unusual transformation. Most of the discussions called Dima Bilan, who recently cut her hair to bald. The winner of one of the seasons Alexander Vorobyov, changing the natural color of the hair purple, too, could not remain unnoticed. And the participant of “Eurovision” Dina Garipova did not even know the girl, just like Pelagia, markedly postroila.