Валерия не обижается на критику Иосифа Пригожина
Popular producer Joseph Prigogine always tells the person that he thinks about it.

Валерия не обижается на критику Иосифа Пригожина

It turned out that a lot of his family at home, he’s also not holding back in expressing thoughts.

But wife, Valeria, on the contrary appreciates the quality of Joseph, and on the contrary admits that he does not like those who are hypocritical.

“If I tell a person impartial truth, it doesn’t mean I don’t love, hate or ill-treat him. This means that I want to be useful to him, whether it be my friend, acquaintance or relative. This lack of indifference, the desire to help, this is my expression of love, respect, true friendship,” – said Prigogine.

Note that Joseph Prigogine and Valeria have been married since 2004 and is considered one of the strongest pairs of domestic show-business.

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