Развод принес Ольге Бузовой 30 миллионов
Some time ago, Olga Buzova attacked with allegations that her flight to Monaco was paid a married tycoon.

Развод принес Ольге Бузовой 30 миллионов

What Olga was indignant and said that he worked enough to arrange a foreign holiday. After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov things Buzova went to the mountain.

She released several songs that became hits and are also willing to speak at corporate events for an impressive fee.

“For half a million she will act as the lead on your holiday plus free sing 2-3 songs, – has shared with journalists the Director of the Aram Archer. – A million rubles is a 45-minute concert Buzova as a singer. Bonus Olga can congratulate the birthday man and make with him a couple of photos. But private dinners need to discuss with her directly. If you give good, no question.”

The popularity of Olga is growing every day, she even became the first on number of followers on Instagram in Russia.

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