Виктория Романец получает шикарные подарки от поклонника
After Victoria romanet broke up with Anton Gusev, and her wedding was cancelled, she began to pay great attention to his career.

Виктория Романец получает шикарные подарки от поклонника

In the microblog of the girls periodically posted photos from the photo shoot, as well as posts with advertising.

The other day Victoria showed a photo with a huge bouquet of roses. But did not disclose the name of the boyfriend who gave such a gorgeous gift.

“This is not a photo shoot with a bouquet that I bought or ordered in the lease. Women who write this nonsense , clearly came to the casting “Comedy”, but did not take them, and they came to joke to my profile. I have one question for you, what colors you ever gave?” – wrote under the romanet.

While fans thought that perhaps this is Anton Gusev tries to return his ex-girlfriend.

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