Валерия выпускает провокационный клип In his new music video for the song “the Body wants love” the national actress appeared in an unusual way: she had it done in the style of the 80s. Except for Valerie, it will be possible to see the world ballet star Ivan Vasiliev. Very soon the fans of the singer will be able to appreciate this video.

      Валерия выпускает провокационный клип

      Shooting the video for the song Valerie with the spicy name “the Body wants love” took place in the center of Moscow, not far from the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” and the red square. Video Valeria appeared in several dramatic images. Famous blonde not only tried on a red pantsuit with a Frank neckline, but the dress in floor-style disco diva of the 80s.

      In addition to Valerie, in her video also starred dancer Ivan Vasiliev. The star of world ballet, honored artist of Russia and Prime Minister of the Mikhailovsky theatre and the soloist of “La Scala” and the Bolshoi theatre with pleasure being the singer. In the story, he played her lover.

      Валерия выпускает провокационный клип

      “Well, why the body wants love? I’d touched him. Heart torn to shreds”, — Valery soulful singing in a new music video to the accompaniment in the form of a fiery and fashionable dance music. Apparently, the song “the Body wants love” will be one of the biggest hits of this summer.

      The author of the lyrics of “the Body wants love” singer of the Glory, and the music was composed by Viktor Drobysh. The song is included in Valerie’s latest album, “Oceans”, which was released for sale in early March. It also included songs like “You’re mine” (sung with her daughter Anna Shulgina), “We are afraid to love”, “This time love”, “Strong women”, “Can I be happy” and “happiness Formula”. In an interview with reporters, the actress admitted that her new album carries a positive charge.

      In his interview, the singer also said that work on the release was two years. Like all the previous records of Valerie, devoted love — a big, sincere and heart-breaking, as is customary at the artist. The album, according to her, turned on the eternal, unseen, about the relationship between a man and a woman, a mother and her children.

      Especially for the “Oceans” she recorded 12 different songs for all occasions. In the release of the singer can be found as energetic and dance, and more lyrical and deep songs about relationships, feelings and many other things. It should also be noted that previous records from the singer’s new album features modern electronic sound. Valeria decided to go to experiment musically, to demonstrate that it is in step with the times.

      By the way, in one of the clips Valeria starred together with Valery Meladze. The video is really hot, because the plot of the musical performers are in a burning house, trying to confess each other’s feelings.

      Valeria and Meladze showed flammable passion

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