Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik break up

Джиджи Хадид и Зейн Малик не расставались

Last week Western media reported that one of the most beautiful pairs of American show business singer Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid broke up. However, insiders claim that the information is not true. Actually Zane and Gigi and e were going at odds and are still found.

“The fact that Zane and Gigi broke up is a lie. They’re still together and even met each other’s parents” — said the insider.
Recall that the media claimed that Malik threw Hadid directly during a romantic dinner. 23-year-old musician allegedly decided to devote more time to their creativity, and romance with the model distract him from his career.
Meet Gigi and Zane started in December last year, then they came out as a couple. Neither Hadid nor Malik not comment on their relationship, their representatives also haven’t, so we can only wait for the official confirmation or refutation of new information.

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