Голодные игры: как себя настроить, чтобы похудеть The doctor-therapist of clinic “Byinternet” Irina Rotova has revealed the main techniques how to lose weight and more is not better. We then starve himself to death, scourged, physical activity, and about psihologicheskie simply forget, although the latter is very important.

    Голодные игры: как себя настроить, чтобы похудеть

    It is not surprising that the extra weight come back so quickly and we fall into despondency and depression. As strange as it may sound, but if you five times a week go to the gym, dieting, not eating after 18.00 and spend all their efforts, thus severely straining the body, then I have to disappoint you: the desired result will recede further and further!

    The force of action is equal to force of counteraction. If you will constantly think about your own body and about what you can eat and what not, immerse the body in eternal stress. In this case, about any weight loss and can be no question. The same goes for sports. If you do it through force, it is also possible to gain weight.


    The body loses weight in a relaxed state. Therefore, it is necessary to remove physical and emotional stress. Will help relaxing and breathing techniques. Moreover, the breathing should be slow and deep. Take a deep breath on a score from 1 to 10, and then a slow, deep exhale to the count from 1 to 20, and so for 2-3 minutes. Walk more, go on the nature. If you sit in the office and there is no way to go anywhere, do breathing exercises right at your Desk. Then brew some tea or drink water. But tonight at home, take a bath with aromatic oils.


    Stress control helps to keep oneself in great shape. In order to achieve inner peace and balance, experts recommend listening to easy relaxing music, and regularly see a therapist. However, in Russia many people are embarrassed to go to such specialists, which is a pity.


    The speed of shedding weight is directly proportional to its set. You should not focus on quick results. The longer time you lose weight, the better the body adapts to the lesser weight and longer stores the result. Moreover, the specific speed of weight loss does not exist! Each weight is reduced with the speed that is safe for your body is from 1 to 10 kg in a month.


    Голодные игры: как себя настроить, чтобы похудеть

    Include in your life the maximum amount of pleasure. For example, go to the movies with friends every Saturday, watch a TV show with a Cup of sea buckthorn tea, read interesting books, attend dances, swimming pool, learn Spanish, go to exhibitions, theatres… You will realize that you have something to spend their time, and not just for sitting at the table and eating all that it is. We recommend you to make a list of the 33 pleasures, and one to implement every day.


    Calculate the reasons leading to weight gain, and focus on their elimination. After all, while these problems exist, no diet will help! Be sure to consult an experienced specialist, because many do not understand why they overeat. They think that it is the metabolism so, or a way of life, or even heredity.


    Make it clear to the body that henceforth no violence over it is not! You will no longer sit on endless diets, to starve, to fall from exhaustion in the health club. Everything should be in moderation. Otherwise, you can expect him to bases in the form of illness, accident, depression or weight gain.


    Голодные игры: как себя настроить, чтобы похудетьDon’t confuse hunger with thirst and stress. Before you grab a banana, listen to the feelings: you are really hungry? Maybe you feel thirsty, nervous or just tired?

    If you decide to lose weight, then promise yourself in advance that for every kilogram lost will be encouraged. Pre-write a list of gifts. It is also worth scheduling one major Grand prize as a sign that you are very grateful your body! For example, “postroynet 5 pounds I will treat myself to beige high heel sandals for 20 thousand rubles (of course, they have to find, choose and try on!), and losing weight by 10 kg, buy myself a blue business suit. Reaching the desired weight, I’ll pay for the selected tour in Greece! And so on.


    At night it is best to eat protein, as it will go to the construction of cells: cheese, cakes, eggs, an omelet, a piece of chicken cutlet steamed, beans, etc.


    Search for interests in life! The more you have a hobby and a wider circle of acquaintances, the less time left for food. Consciously switch your brain on to other things. After all, the hunger – he was the head. Once you have Hobbies, my head switches from one familiar topic to a completely a variety of. Go to exhibitions, museums and parks, meet interesting people. A new way of life will motivate the following achievements!

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