Татьяна Навка рассказала о сложном периоде в жизни дочери The eldest heiress Tatiana Navka with his childhood dream of becoming a tennis player. However, due to injuries and other reasons the girl had to switch to another activity. In the future it will probably be to perform on stage as a singer.

      Татьяна Навка рассказала о сложном периоде в жизни дочери

      Olympic champion Tatiana Navka — the mother of two daughters, 16-year-old year-old Alexandra and Nadia. The eldest heir skater since childhood dreamed of becoming an athlete, like her mother. Alexander dreamed of becoming a tennis player, did a lot to achieve success in the business. Sometimes the girl was absolutely exhausted from training, but the idea that she can achieve more, move her forward.

      But in the end Alexander Zhulin took the decision to leave the big tennis. The reason for such action daughter’s celebrity led to numerous injuries and other obstacles, which became greater every year. Sometimes the girl couldn’t sleep at night because a lot of worried and concerned. Sport for her really meant a lot. His fascination with Alexander went to her mother, who achieved great results in figure skating.

      Tatiana Navka told reporters about one of the most difficult periods in the life of her daughter. He cited the fact that she decided to quit professional sports. And Tatiana and Alexander at the time was very difficult. Experiencing not only the successor of the celebrity, but also her mother. According to skill sets, her child wanted to achieve success on their own and become independent from parents. So the girl literally exhausting yourself.

      “A year ago was a very difficult time for me and for her. Of course, we’re all concerned about children, but I have a principle – do not worry, we will survive. I was faced with this emotional trauma and deep feelings, after all, Sasha had always thought that she would, like her parents, the champion – she was in 12 years a champion of Russia on tennis in his age group. But then – injuries, problems, every year more and accumulated…”, — told Tatiana.

      However, the position of his daughter, the athlete sincerely proud of. Tatiana admits that Alexander was proud for, after all, not every “star” child is able to think in this way.

      In the end, heiress of the grooves revealed other talents. The girl found something to do instead of tennis. Alexander decided to become a singer. Moreover, her voice seemed to professionals good. At the moment Zhulin does vocals and is preparing for an important event in his life — by the end of school.

      “Now it is one year program three classes mastered and will take the exam. It is, of course, internally very grown up, Mature…”, — said Putin in an interview with Hello!.

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