Валерия Гай Германика прошла курс лечения невроза
The Director has brought to the fans straight talk about your health.

Valeria Gai Germanika

Photo: Instagram.com

Valeria Gai Germanika able, and most importantly loves to draw attention to his own person. The other day she shocked fans with an unexpected announcement: it turned out that Valeria recently got a treatment of neurosis.

This became known through the publication of Valeriya explicit recognition in the microblog. Moreover, according to her, in order to cope with overcome her neurosis, she had to seek help from professionals. By the way, later it became clear that self diagnosis is just another joke, Valerie. Such an original way, she decided to advertise the girls beauty shop, after which he published “as new”.

Incidentally, in August, Valeria scared fans that showed their “cut veins”. However, as it became known, the wrist band is actually covered up the result of removal of the old tattoo. “Take the dumbest tattoo in the clinic,” says Germanicus. After three sessions, began to disappear in fragments. Scars no. By the way, published in its microblog photo, which shows a bandaged wrist, scared fans of Valerie. Moreover, Gaius Germanicus had been signed by the ominous picture: “Cut veins”. Fortunately, it was only a manifestation of an extremely peculiar sense of humor of the Director.