Супруг Виктории Дайнеко сделал дорогостоящую покупку Dmitry Kleiman boasted of a new car. White family vehicle will likely be affectionately called “the squirrel” – a nickname the iron horse gave herself praise.

      The family of Victoria Dayneko was a pleasant event. The singer and her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman, acquired luxury car, the famous German brand. The young man boasted purchase on his page in Instagram.

      Dmitry posted a photo in the car, sitting behind the wheel. In the foreground gleaming badge “Volkswagen”. Members drummer praised an expensive purchase.

      “Hello, new friend. How to call? Wife offers a “Squirrel”, – has signed a snapshot Dmitry. “Is it white?” – suggested friends. “Yeah,” agreed Kleiman. “Squirrels are the same red!” retorted subscribers. In the end, the nickname iron horse so made was not.

      By the way, the price of a new car as Dayneko and Kleiman, is to date, about two million rubles, depending on configuration. Many couples choose this model because of the spacious interior and a spacious trunk.

      Recall, the couple married in April 2015. Over this time Victoria and her partner Dmitry has already managed to survive the first family crisis. Victoria hinted at a difficult relationship with her husband on his page in Instagram. Despite this, the BC believes that she can be proud of today.

      “Last year I was able to overcome a lot, much appreciate, take. The greatest pride is to learn to enjoy life for what it is. When you perceive as the good moments and negative, and understand that even a crisis situation you can squeeze out for themselves. In my life when all is quiet and smooth, I begin to strain and to suspect that something is wrong here”, – shared the singer in a conversation with one of the editions.

      Victoria admits that sometimes he gets tired on tour and then snaps at her husband. Dmitry refers to the behavior of the wife in understanding. When the Network sparked rumors about the divorce of the pair, Kleiman hurried excuse and dispel them.

      “We are fine. All couples argue, that’s fine. We are a young family, we have a beautiful daughter with her too hard… We all learn something not always turns out… Vika periodically spends the night on his feet, the mood then affected by lack of sleep…. And she’s a temperamental girl. But more than a couple of hours we each other do not take offense. Hence, any separation and especially divorce, and the question,” explained Daineko husband in an interview with “StarHit”.