Синди Кроуфорд завидует своей 15-летней дочери
The young model became the “face” Mark Jakobs

Синди Кроуфорд завидует своей 15-летней дочери

Cindy Crawford

Photo: Instagram.com

Recently it became known that Kaia Gerber daughter of Cindy Crawford and her
husband Randy Gerber — signed a very prestigious contract. She was
elected the new face of the makeup line from Mark Jakobs. And this despite the fact that
the girl is only 15 years old! Besides, on the eve of Kaya has been awarded with its
first prize — her work in the modeling field has been recognized as “Breakthrough
of the year” at the ceremony, The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Awards, held in new York. Mother of Kaia — Cindy was there with my daughter and I
glowed with pride for her.

In its 15 years, the girl has managed to become an experienced model. In his first
professional photo shoot she participated in for 10 years, and 14-signed
the first contract, becoming the face of the youth line Miu Miu. And experts predict
the girl in the future, absolutely brilliant career.

Although Cindy was in the past
one of the most famous models, her success still did not come so early as to
Kaye. After all, Cindy had signed his contract with Elite New York when she was just 20 years old..

Kaya is the youngest of two children Cindy inherited her spectacular
appearance. They are so similar that looking at her daughter, as admitted Crawford,
she sees herself such what it was 35 years ago. Moreover, as
honestly Cindy, she was already a little jealous of her
beautiful daughter. “She’s got the same feet as was once me. I joke
told her once: “Give me my feet back!” with a sigh told Crawford
in one of his interviews. But, although
Cindy’s sad and a little bit of their lost youth looking at Kaya, 50
years it looks just brilliant. No wonder on the occasion of his jubilee Crawford
staged a photo shoot in a swimsuit and proved to the world that is still very

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford

Photo: Instagram.com