Валерия Гай Германика перестала скрывать младшую дочку
Discussing who like Severina.

Валерия Гай Германика перестала скрывать младшую дочку

Daughter Valeria Gai Germanicus Severina

Photo: @germanicaislove_official Instagram Valeria Gai Germanicus

Valeria Gai Germanicus and Vadim Lyubushkin

Photo: 7D

Valeria Gai Germanicus have ceased to follow the fashion in the celebrity trend to hide the faces of the children. The star of the national cinema has published the portrait of his younger daughter — Came. Photograph of a three-month baby Valerie, which she, by the way, not so long ago dubbed, made a real furor among her fans. Now fans Gai Germanicus enthusiastically discussed who hike the daughter of a celebrity: mom or dad?

By the way, Valerie relationship with the father Severina — Vadim Lyubushkin — definitely not ideal. Now the couple is fighting and it’s not like they had a chance for reconciliation. In any case, at the time of birth of the baby the couple have not spoken. And Gai Germanicus gave the newborn his name and “middle name” — V..

Recall that Severina was born in April in one of the capital’s hospitals. Valerie helped take care of the baby of her eldest daughter Octavia. The girl was looking forward to the birth of younger sister. “My daughter already have a little experience with babies, and she wants to engage itself baby! — said Valery. — It is very economic: can clean the house, iron the clothes and even cook food,” — said Valery.

Incidentally, in order to provide for his family, Gaius Germanicus was forced to return from maternity leave after only a month after giving birth.

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