Valeria Gai germanica withdrew from maternity leave

Валерия Гай Германика вышла из декретного отпуска
The installation of a new TV series film Director came with the month old daughter Severina.

Valeria Gai Germanika with her daughter Severina and her friends

Photo: @germanicaislove_official (Instagram Valeria Gai Germanika)

First day of work after the birth of her second daughter Valeria Gai
Germanicus held at the Studio “Mosfilm”, in the mounting of the TV series “Bonus”
she shoots for channel TNT. Little Severin (so unusual star called
baby) all that time was next to mom. To babysit the girls were
all friends of Valerie, with whom she is working on a project. In between guy
Germanicus was walking with my daughter and with my colleagues in the territory of “Mosfilm”.

Recall that Severina was born on April 22. Yesterday baby
turned the first month. The girl and the mother was filled with gifts, friends are trying
support Valery, considering the fact that before the birth of her second child
she broke off the relationship with the father Came a dancer Vadim Lyubushkin.

it turned out that the family fortune Gai Germanicus was short-lived. They with Vadim got married
in July last year, but after a few months broke up. Insult The Guy
Germanicus on her ex-husband was so great that she gave a daughter as
his patronymic name and surname, calling the girl Severina Valerievna Germanici. However, at the baptism of a daughter Valeria pointed out
another name is Matrona.

My older daughter star — also an unusual name. 8-year-old
Octavia helps her mother care for her younger sister. Watching
touching the eldest daughter feel about the baby, Gaius Germanicus forgets
the betrayal of her ex-husband and feels truly happy.

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