Leonardo DiCaprio was called “the hypocrite”

Леонардо Ди Каприо назвали «лицемером»
The behavior of the famous actor was criticized.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Leonardo DiCaprio accused of that in words proclaiming itself the defender
environment, it is their actions causing her undoubted harm. The fact is that actor who appeals to all
to take care of nature, allows himself to constantly fly in a private jet
reinforcing the already serious pollution of the atmosphere.

things take a comic turn. So, in order to obtain
your reward for participation in the environmental protection(!), he flew for two days to France, where he was a guest
Cannes film festival, in new York and back. And then he flew to America.
Of course, for this purpose, Leo used a specially-chartered private
the plane. In the end, as estimated by the reporters of the Daily Mail, he
left behind in the atmosphere the trace length of more than 8 thousand kilometers, consisting of poisonous
the decay products of the aircraft fuel engines.

this is not the only case in his practice.

So, according to the publication, in
last year, DiCaprio only
one month made five flights on private jets. But if he
used regular scheduled flights with other passengers, in
the atmosphere was much less aviation
emissions. If everyone who can afford it, will begin to follow suit
actor, it is very quickly and dramatically worsen the state of the atmosphere. In short,
encourage everyone to try to reduce environmental damage to a minimum, the actor himself is not even
trying to follow my own advice. In the end, detractors openly
call Leo “a hypocrite.”

still, in fairness, it should be noted that DiCaprio is not only pronounces the “right” word, as at the ceremony of the Oscars this year, when he
managed to remind about the dangers of global warming even in their acceptance
speech. In fact, the actor generously donates his own money to a good
goal. So, only this year he translated through his Foundation on the environmental protection
environment as much as $ 15 million.

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