Валентин Юдашкин впервые высказался об операции The designer commented that he underwent a medical intervention last fall. Valentin Yudashkin also thanked the medical professionals who helped him recover. Close couturier admire his courage.

      Валентин Юдашкин впервые высказался об операции

      March 8 in the State Kremlin Palace will be a traditional show famous couturier Valentin Yudashkin. It will be attended by well-known artists, including Joseph Kobzon, Sergey Lazarev, Nikolai Baskov, Alexander Rosenbaum, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite, Valery, and many others. A few days before the Grand event, the fashion designer and his close friends were the guests of the program “live”.

      In a show of TV channel “Russia-1” Valentin Yudashkin for the first time commented on the surgery of the kidneys, suffering them in the past year. Then the designer had to miss the screening of his fashion house, held in Paris. Recall also that the preparation of the show involved the wife of fashion designer Marina with her daughter Galina.

      Marina Yudashkin about the health of her husband: “it All happened suddenly”

      “I think that all are human, and people get sick… I Want to say a huge thank you to our doctors – Mikhail Ivanovich Davydov, academician, unique doctor, and Mikhail Romanovich Lichinitser and this unique center,” said the designer.
      Валентин Юдашкин впервые высказался об операции

      Presenter Boris korchevnikov asked Valentin Yudashkin, why he did not go abroad for treatment, how often do famous people. “We are all under God, and you never know what is going to be. Probably, our doctors are very military spirit,” said the designer. In addition, Yudashkin made clear that he had a huge support of family and friends.

      About the health status of Valentin Yudashkin also said the singer Philip Kirkorov, a longtime family friend of the famous couturier. Artist admire the courage of a loved one.

      “In our house trouble came. Of course, the first thing that occurs is shock. Or questions about why this happened. Thank God that it happened before and we managed. Things could be much worse. We were all struck by the masculinity, which is perceived Valentin and Marina. How they all survived, kept and passed. I knew that the Valentine is very strong, and Marina too. She is the type of women who can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house. I have never seen a man more masculine Valentine. This is amazing. And maybe that’s why he defeated a terrible disease, and it’s all over,” – said Kirkorov.
      Валентин Юдашкин впервые высказался об операции

      Then Marina Yudashkina asked what words she supported her beloved husband. “I said, “it will be Necessary to be treated, then we will be treated”, – said the wife of the designer, without going into details.

      In the TV show also said that the news about the deterioration of Valentin Yudashkin on the eve of the show in the French capital decided not to make public. “In Paris was my French team. We have been deceived, they say, tomorrow I will. It stimulated them,” recalled the designer.