«СтарХит» объявляет имена победителей конкурса «Большая перемена» Lucky ladies would find outside of dreams. Three thousand letters to the editors, headed by Andrey Malakhov has chosen three women who go to professional surgeons to correct the shortcomings that prevent them to enjoy life.

    «СтарХит» объявляет имена победителей конкурса «Большая перемена»

    In 2017 “StarHit” celebrates 10 years! In honor of the anniversary on 6 February, we announced a competition, pobeditelnits waited three prize – the transformation of the best specialists that have helped many celebrities. A month you have sent us stories, along with the main, redactora Andrey Malakhov we read more than three thousand letters and chose three lucky winners. Welcome!


    Victoria Miroshkina, 48 years old.

    «СтарХит» объявляет имена победителей конкурса «Большая перемена»

    City: Podol’sk

    The facelift of the clinic Olga Moroz

    Vika shy about his age. Seven years ago, she through IVF gave birth to a long awaited daughter Valerie and all the forces thrown on her upbringing. Time for myself is not there.

    “I would not like to see my only daughter in the garden said: “you grandma!”, but such cases were, – Victoria sighs. I tried every time to translate everything into a joke, but daughter very upset, especially when she say things like adults.”

    Love me, love

    Albina Bogatyrev, 28 years

    «СтарХит» объявляет имена победителей конкурса «Большая перемена»

    City: Kazan

    Rhinoplasty from Larissa Moreaway from Soho Clinik

    Beautiful girl gorgeous figure I can’t find their happiness.

    “My nose like an eagle, a child and teased – says our reader. – I have no photo in profile, and when you smile, you become like a Grandmother to Iku! Want I finally have a favorite young man, so ready for a change. About rhinoplasty read on the Internet, I presented myself with the new nose… I’m glad you, wizards, are in the world”.

    A gift to her husband

    Natalia Stetsik, 40 years

    City: Moscow

    Breast augmentation from Dr. of Sciences, Professor Svetlana Gagarina from the Israeli clinic of aesthetic medicine Seline.

    Natalia a happy marriage, raising two boys. Her longtime dream is to enlarge Breasts.

    “After two kids I have asymmetry, and size and even tends to zero, – says Natalya “StarHit”. – Push-up does not help… Feel flawed, so I try to avoid public places where you have to change others: swimming pools, gyms, to avoid discomfort. And so you want to become a confident, sexy look in a swimsuit! Husband tactfully silent, but I’m sure that changes my appearance will please him and support our relationship.