Умер артист рок-оперы «Иисус Христос - суперзвезда» Олег Казанчеев   According to some, the theatre star passed away after a long illness. For the first time that Oleg Kazancheev struggling with a disappointing diagnosis, it became known about two years ago. Relatives and friends of the actor to accept condolences.

    Умер артист рок-оперы «Иисус Христос - суперзвезда» Олег Казанчеев

    Today it became known that on 61-m to year of life died actor Oleg Kazancheev, who became famous after participating in the cult rock-Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” staged by the Theater Mossovet. This was reported on the page of the cultural institutions in the social network Facebook. On the causes of death of Oleg Alekseevich is not known. The date and time of farewell with the artist will be announced later.

    Some fans of the actor linked his departure with the disease, as announced in the program “Born in USSR” in April 2015. Then the actor Valery Yaremenko said that Kazancheev “seriously ill”, without going into details.

    “We regret to announce the death of the first legendary performer of the role of Jesus in the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar” Oleg Kazancheev. Theatre on Taganke, Theatre the BRIDGE Theatre of the Moscow Council (in addition to the rock Opera “Jesus Christ superstar”, a musical play “the Game”) – Vladimir Kazancheev was a gallery of powerful scenic images, the memory of which is still alive and will continue to live in the hearts of the audience. Condolences to the families and loved ones. Grieve. Photo from archive of theatre I. Lavrinov, E. Lapina, L., Sherstennikova”, – said representatives of the Moscow Soviet Theater.

    Fans of the actor can’t believe he died. “Oleg Kazancheev… Beautiful, talented, “tankovic”… did Not finish. Dopel. Did not survive…Oh,” said journalist and writer Elena Smekhova.

    The lead singer of Madre Victoria Victoria Ryabinina also saddened by the news of the death of the actor. “Died Oleg Kazancheev… My great Casanova! My colleague on the theatre BRIDGE… Beautiful! Wise! Sparkling! Bottomless talented!.. How to put in my head?” – the woman wrote in social networks.

    Deputy Director of the BRIDGE theatre Marianne Lemeshko joined the many expressions of sympathy on the death of Oleg Kazancheev. Sad news, she was told the morning of Monday, March 6. “At once it became dark,” shared the woman. Lemeshko also published a post in which he shared his emotions with friends.

    “The week began with the sad news. Oleg Kazancheev… Found a short archival video with his participation. It’s been more than a decade. And it seems that it was yesterday, well, at least, the day before yesterday… Michiel, good on you,” said a friend of the artist.

    Oleg Kazancheev born April 16, 1956. In 1978 he graduated from the Shchukin theater school. Course leader actor was albert Burov. After obtaining the diploma of Kazancheev for a long time played in the Theater on Taganka. Oleg Alekseevich was seen in such productions as “Boris Godunov”, “Five Babel stories” and “Master and Margarita”. In 1990 he received the offer to participate in the formulation of the Mossovet Theatre, “Jesus Christ superstar”.