Диану Шурыгину возмущает свалившаяся на нее слава In the new issue of “Let them talk” the girl from Ulyanovsk met with bloggers, who collected thousands of hits on the rollers with the mention of her name. Just a month who told us about the rape of Diana Shurygina has become an Internet star.

      Диану Шурыгину возмущает свалившаяся на нее слава

      In the fourth edition of the program Andrey Malakhov “Let them talk” the girl from Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina met with bloggers, who gained popularity using the name or phrases from the previous esters. Girl, told the whole country about the rape during a party, became one of the most talked about characters on the Internet.

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      Recall that Diana Shurygina has been subjected to sexual assault by two young men last summer. One of them, Sergey Semenov, was found guilty and sent to juvie. Some felt that the girl voluntarily entered into an intimate relationship with a guy, and then decided to present the whole situation as rape. The history of Shurygino divided the society into two camps. Some call her a liar, whose family profited from this story and others believe that she was a victim.

      After the first broadcast of “Let them talk” with Shurygina, who looked more than 13 million Internet users, the Network has a fan community dedicated to the girl. Other users expressed support for the school from Ulyanovsk. In the Studio of Diana told how her life has changed in the last month.

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      “After that, I began to subscribe to a large number of people. Pictures were scattered all over the Internet. Began to make memes, parodies,” – said Shurygin.

      During the broadcast the girl was acting much more reserved than in past programs. In the opinion of teenagers gathered in the Studio, Diana herself was advertised. During the program, the girl met a young man from Tver, which even has a tattoo of a tattoo of her portrait. “It’s very cool,” said Shurygin.

      Star guests of the program were Rustam Solntsev, Otar Kushanashvili, Olga Sviblova, Maria Pogrebnyak, Prokhor Chaliapin Anna Kalashnikova, and many others. Diana says that such popularity was brought to her parental activities Semenov.

      Diana Shurygina said the detractors live

      “I want to say that this is the beginning of their side: the first petition pictures. This is all they did. And then that went on. I don’t know who first asked for a transfer. But we said then that it was Semenov,” said the girl.

      Diana admits that it’s difficult to walk through shopping centers, as following her fans. “You’re going to shop for fruit, water, choose apples, you sly fotkayut, it is very annoying. I can’t eat, I can’t buy food,” said Shurygin.