Valentin Yudashkin became painfully thin

Валентин Юдашкин стал болезненно худым
Currently the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin is on holiday in Israel with his family.

Валентин Юдашкин стал болезненно худым

Recently, the Network published photos from vacation, where Valentin posing with his wife Marina. The appearance of fashion designer scared him followers, as Valentin looks even skinnier wife.

Валентин Юдашкин стал болезненно худым

“As a boy, on the background of the couple. Are you all right?”, “Health to you, Valentine! Let you will succeed”, “Well, just a student!”, “Well, Val,” write the anxious fans.

It is worth noting that some time ago Yudashkin was diagnosed with cancer, which he tries not to advertise.

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