Мирослава Дума отказывается от социальных сетей
Miroslava Duma is very popular in the Network, on her microblog in Instagram signed by more than 1.6 million Internet users.

Мирослава Дума отказывается от социальных сетей

Recently, Miroslav took a very important decision. It-girl decided to abandon the use of social networking, but she hastened to reassure subscribers, saying that it was only for a while.

Мирослава Дума отказывается от социальных сетей

“Initially, social network was created to give people the opportunity to unite, learn, create and grow, but now, thanks to the networking we feel more isolated than ever. The truth is that social networks are destroying the very foundations of society: how it works, operates and functions. Never before has the rate of depression, anxiety and tendency to suicide among adolescents was not so high. From fear to miss anything. the feeling of loneliness and envy, to the dissemination of false information and bullying online: all of this contributes to the fact that the children were in a dark and scary world. This is a time bomb, the younger generation of very dependent people. For the sake of our sanity and our children’s future — all of this must have something to do. And I’ll be back soon with new ideas, actions, and news. For a while I will cease to use social networking to focus on a very important new project and my family. This is a new Chapter in my life. All love!” — admitted to the Duma.

Followers reacted positively to the decision Miroslava, confirming that the Internet affects privacy.

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