Valdis Pelsh spoke about how he feels

Валдис Пельш рассказал о том, как себя чувствует
Recently the media disseminated information that the popular TV presenter Valdis Pelsh was urgently hospitalized.

Валдис Пельш рассказал о том, как себя чувствует

Journalists reported that the man placed in the intensive care unit of one of the Moscow clinics. Correspondents have decided to find out what happened and called the 50-year’she.

“Well, then, I am now on the plane and plan to fly to Kamchatka shoot a new movie. In any hospital I am admitted to hospital, – has told the President. – I got a lot of calls. About what you write, learned from journalists.”

Autumn, TV presenter really got into the hospital, but nothing terrible then, too, did not happen, it was just a routine examination.

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