Мария Максакова отказалась от празднования юбилея
Yesterday, July 24, Opera singer Maria Maksakova was celebrating her birthday and she was forty years old.

Мария Максакова отказалась от празднования юбилея

Recently Maria on everyone’s lips, many do not like the fact that the woman took a fast of mourning after the death of her husband. Maksakova spoke with reporters and talked about whether to celebrate their anniversary.

“Denis, I joked that I seem to be the first woman in his life that will move him 40 years old. It is also very fun about it, and if he was alive, I of course still LIKE be celebrated (the anniversary). Superstitions I was a little worried. (…) In my current situation is sad enough, and, of course, there is the internal attitude of some celebration. Huge Denis sadness, miss him very much. So will not mark it, but not because of superstition,” – said the singer.

After the death of her husband Maria all went to work and even decided to change the usual image.

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