Ольга Ушакова вышла замуж на Кипре
About the personal life of the presenter of the program “Good morning” Olga Ushakova, little is known.

Ольга Ушакова вышла замуж на Кипре

But here’s the good news she had to share with his subscribers, saying that she got married.

The wedding was a week ago, on July 17, but the photo Olga decided to publish just now. The ceremony was held on the island of Cyprus on the coast.

Ольга Ушакова вышла замуж на Кипре

Fans rushed to congratulate the presenter with the wedding.

“Happy for You, Olga! You are a wonderful person, and deserve all the best! You huge Happiness, Love and endless Harmony!”, “This beauty !!! peace and harmony to your family”, “The warmest heartfelt congratulations!!! Happiness and love for many, many years,” “Cheers!!!! Congratulations!!!! Love the tip!!! And with two children can get married!!!”, How romantic and beautiful! Olga happiness to You cloudless!”

We will remind that Olga grows up two wonderful daughters, and she is very excited that husband was able to make friends with them.

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