Anton Privolnov with his wife divorced

Антон Привольнов с женой оформили развод
The famous TV presenter Anton Privolnov married he lived with his wife Olga for the past ten years, but six months ago, the family started having problems.

Антон Привольнов с женой оформили развод

Most likely, the culprit was the distance that separated spouses in the past year Olga went to work in St. Petersburg, and Anton remained in Moscow and visited his family on weekends.

Антон Привольнов с женой оформили развод

But in may, the couple decided to file for divorce, and on June 6, their marriage was officially terminated.

“Yes, Anton and Olga more do not together – told family friends. But they have kept a good relationship, because they have a teenage child”.

Anton, in principle, does not like to keep my private life private, so its a new relationship we are likely to learn soon.

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