Настасья Самбурская сообщила о замужестве The actress posted a picture from the Registrar’s office. Publication Nastasya Samburski intrigued subscribers to its microblog provoked heated debate on the topic of the new star. Fans of the actress began to congratulate her and wish many years of family life with a mysterious lover.

30-year-old Nastassja Samburski intrigued fans of unexpected news. Star of TV series “Univer” posted a photo taken next to the registry office of Railway area of Moscow.

In the picture, which caused heated discussion on the Internet, the actress is dressed in a short cocktail dress, accentuating her slender figure. Nastasia looks very happy, demonstrating followers the ring on the ring finger.

“I sailed my ship of love upon the waves of family life,” shared the celebrity.

Samburski fans began to discuss her publication. In the comments to the post celebrities they wished her long years of marriage. “Congratulations,” “Who is he?” “I’m very happy for you,” “where’s the groom?”, “Fire”, “Another free woman has become smaller,” wrote the fans of the stars.

At the same time, other followers Samburski came to the conclusion that the actress is starring in the new project and so I decided to make a joke. One of podeschi star drew attention to the fact that the Railway district of Moscow was abolished in 1991, so the shot is staged. A fan of the actress found her publishing very funny and encouraged social media users to laugh along with Samburski. “Believe”, “As Stanislavsky used to say…”, “And, probably, pregnant with triplets”, “Nastya, as always, humor,” “Not rolling”, “Provocation”, “Certainly for the film,” commented on fans of a celebrity.

After some time, the actress confirmed the speculation of subscribers and posted another photo taken while working on the Comedy “Women vs men 2,” which also stars Natalia Rudova, Roman Yunusov, Alexander Golovin, Denis Kosyakov and Maria Kravchenko. The company of fun posing in stylish and elegant suits. Apparently, their characters celebrated the wedding.

Earlier Nastasia has repeatedly shared the various frames in the signature to which it is reported the engagement, intrigued by the information about pregnancy. In April Nastassja surprised fans provocative scenes, which is clearly visible on her rounded belly. In the geolocation to a photo the actress wrote, “Perinatal center. Kirovograd.” “Congratulate me, it happened again in one day. Who is the father, as in the past 4 times – I do not know,” shared the star in his microblog.