Борис Ливанов надеется на воссоединение с Марией Голубкиной The man told about his relationship with the actress. Boris Livanov thanked Maria Golubkina for the time spent together. According to the man, they decided to take a break in the relationship.
Борис Ливанов надеется на воссоединение с Марией Голубкиной

Recently it became known that Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov decided to postpone the wedding. First, the son of people’s artist of the RSFSR said goodbye to the beloved in one of the social networks, and then the actress confirmed to reporters that they had indeed split up after living together for several months. Boris recently gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he spoke about his separation from Mary.

Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov broke off the engagement

In recognition Livanov, they Golubkina decided to live separately from each other. The writer hinted that does not exclude the possibility of vossoedinenia with the actress.

“I hope all of us in some way. As they say in my family: true love is when no person is unbearable to live. With it not easy but without him is impossible. I believe it’s called conscious as adult love. Maybe forty-five years is not enough, you need to wait until sixty-five, eighty-five, to come to wisdom and to me, and to Masha? Willing to wait. Still win – sooner or later. (…) While we with Masha have decided to take a pause and at the time broke up,” shared the man.
Борис Ливанов надеется на воссоединение с Марией Голубкиной

Boris believes that Mary is now experiencing not the best. At the moment the woman is rehearsing the role of Anna Ioannovna in the play “the Crystal Palace” with soloists of the Bolshoi theatre. According to Livanov, Golubkina seriously prepared, and she needs time to be alone with his thoughts. “We can talk all night and in the morning she had to go and give a difficult rehearsal. So have decided to disperse,” said the man.

In addition, another area is going to go on tour, and Lebanon intends to engage in the writing of the screenplay for “Soyuzmultfilm”. This man will go to the family cottage, located at Nikolina Gora.

During a conversation with journalists, Boris also expressed gratitude to Mary for the time spent together.

Борис Ливанов надеется на воссоединение с Марией Голубкиной“In my heart, stirred up some long forgotten feelings, the romance. In his youth, when it looks like the back has wings,” – says the man.

Soon, however, the euphoria was sobering and “understanding that you need to solve a lot more mundane problems,” Livanov was quoted by the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

Recall that the heirs of famous names has unveiled his novel, in the program of NTV “the Secret to a million.” After some time, Maria Golubkina, Boris Livanov has submitted an application to the Registrar, however, before the wedding, it never came.