Многодетная мама Мария Кожевникова экстренно ищет помощницу The actress is trying to re-learn how to plan time. Maria Kozhevnikova shared details about newborn baby. The star told fans about how difficult it is for her to cope with all cases.

Maria Kozhevnikova, who became the third time mom at the end of last week, personally shared her joy with followers. Now the actress tells the followers how she manages time to plan. According to Maria, some business helping her to cope eldest sons. For example, Vanya fun pushing a stroller with his brother while walking. However, Kozhevnikov acknowledges that it is very hard to do everything. Maria Kozhevnikov told about childbirth

The actress has shared a new snapshot. In the pictures you can consider the gifts which were given to her after birth. The wall is decorated with three bright blue ball in the shape of bears, it confirms the birth of a boy. Followers assumed that the heir was named Michael.

“The birth of a child is the real miracle! And thanks to everyone who was sympathetic to the unseen events in the life of every person! I read all the comments and be sure as soon as the time will come and while we have not found a helpmate, I will write about pregnancy, birth, how many scored and how I was going to drop,” said Kozhevnikova.

Fans of Mary continue to wish them with the child health and strength. “Congratulations on the birth of a child. You are a happy mother. Three sons have is happiness!”, “Being a mom of three boys is such a pride! I speak from experience as the mother of three boys. Let it grow you and your spouse the joy will be your hope and support, and the baby health, of sweet milk and quiet nights!” – wrote the social network users.

We will remind that Maria Kozhevnikova long concealed an interesting position. “StarHit” first reported on the third pregnancy of the star, but the woman did not advertise the changes in shape and rarely shared photos in full growth in the social network.

“She and her husband want a big family, planning more children, so the news that soon will become parents, they are incredibly happy. Jack was always a caring husband, and now just surrounded her – of the household chores took over. Masha pleased with the colors, it’s sweet. She and her husband are very different in character, but between them there is such harmony, which is rare to find”, – told about the relationship between Mary’s husband and her family.