Dmitri Hvorostovsky celebrated holiday of my wife

Дмитрий Хворостовский с размахом отметил праздник супруги The actor spent time with the family. On the eve of the singer’s wife was 47 years old. The footage, shared by Florence, Dmitry looks sprightly and refreshed. Fans are glad that the Opera star is on the mend.

On the eve of the wife of Dmitri Hvorostovsky Florence celebrated 47 anniversary. At the festival women gathered close and native people. A series of images from the celebration, the birthday girl shared on social networks.

In the photos you can see a smiling artist, who looks sprightly and refreshed. Fans are happy that the disease Hvorostovsky retreated, and their idol strikes again flourishing. Apparently, the summer months Dmitry spends in the sun and fresh air: light shirt effectively sets off her tanned skin.

“The best birthday in the company of my family and my amazing friends! Let there be many more such holidays!” – wrote Florence in the microblog.

Part of the celebration family of the birthday girl and their guests held in the luxurious dining room, and later came to the veranda, where all enjoyed refreshments. The couple gave preference to vegetable dishes, Spanish nachos and light beverages.

On one of the 14-year-old son of a pair of Maxim shows a man’s strength, raising his mother in his arms. The heirs of the Dmitri and Florence recently celebrated birthdays. The daughter of the spouses NIN was 10 years old. Guys are pages in social networks, where we share special moments with friends and post funny videos.

Recall that the baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky for more than two years fighting with a brain tumor. As the doctors, at the moment, the status of the artist stable, no deterioration was observed. According to the singer, nothing prevents him to work and give concerts. In an interview Hvorostovsky openly said that in the last year he was not feeling well: sick with pneumonia, and recently broke his shoulder. But Dmitry did not want to disappoint the audience, so despite the trauma, performed in his native Krasnoyarsk. “My oncologist looks at me like I’m a miracle”: Hvorostovsky openly about the struggle with the disease

“He could not come out for an encore. That is the only time in his career when it was not necessary. He made the concert more than I could. Felt ashamed of my thoughts, for your audience’s selfishness at the beginning. And I realized what Hvorostovsky does not need. He definitely doesn’t need encouragement in standby, in the conventional hypocrisy,” wrote the cultural event on social networks.