Val Kilmer spoke about the fight against cancer

Вэл Килмер заговорил о борьбе с раком The famous actor confirmed the suspicions of the fans. Val Kilmer has long concealed that he fought with cancer. Due to illness, the artist started to have problems with communication. According to Vela, he has a swollen tongue, which creates some difficulties in the process of talking with other people.
Вэл Килмер заговорил о борьбе с раком

57-year-old actor Val Kilmer recently admitted to fans that have struggled with cancer. The star of the films “top gun” and “Batman forever” for a long time concealed from health professionals gave him a serious diagnosis, but now that the danger had passed, decided to declassify.

For the first time about the illness of the famous artist became known in 2016. Then it was announced Michael Douglas, but the Val Kilmer later denied information about their illness. The actor said that his colleague was misinformed. “The last time I saw Michael almost two years ago, when I asked him for a contact specialist to check on the tumor in my throat that prevented me to continue the tour with a performance of “Citizen TWAIN,” added Kilmer on the page in one of social networks.

Вэл Килмер заговорил о борьбе с раком

Now, several months later, the Hollywood star has finally decided to break the silence and reveal the truth about their illness. During the session of questions and answers on Reddit Kilmer confirmed the suspicions of many fans.

“Perhaps Michael was trying to help me, because the media was trying to figure out where I disappeared. I was fighting cancer. Despite treatment, my tongue was swollen. Then I did not sound like usual and even now people might think that I’m not healthy,” shared the actor.

Statement of Val Kilmer caused a storm of emotions among users of social networks. They began to leave many comments with words of support for the celebrity.

Recall that Michael Douglas has disclosed the diagnosis of a friend in conversation with TV presenter Jonathan Ross. Then the Hollywood star said that Val Kilmer is struggling with throat cancer, and “going through hard times.” Michael also explained why his friend was less likely to go out. “I pray for him. We hardly ever get to see Val on the public for the disease,” said Douglas.

Recall that Val Kilmer born on 31 December 1959 in Los Angeles. His career as an artist began in 1981, when he was involved in theatrical productions. Debut actor in the movie was the main role in the Comedy “top secret!”. In my entire career, Kilmer has starred in more than 80 films, including “Battle”, “deja vu”, “Criminal”, “Batman forever” and “Criminal.”