Вадим Казаченко собирается жениться на Ирине Аманти Star 90s, surprised the guests of the fashion show. During the appearance on the podium Amanti in a wedding dress, a man went up to her and gave a luxurious bouquet of flowers. Then he got down on one knee and proposed. Irina are unable to hold back the tears.

      Вадим Казаченко собирается жениться на Ирине Аманти

      Loud divorce of Vadim Kazachenko and his wife Olga Martynova is still one of the main subjects of discussion in show business. In December, the artist’s wife appealed to the “Let them talk” for help. Being in an interesting position, she admitted that her husband plans to file for divorce. Little did they know at the time what will turn this story. In late February, the marriage Kozachenko and Martynova invalidated. The court order greatly angered her, and she intends to fight for the truth.

      Marriage of Vadim Kazachenko validated

      A week ago, Kate Gordon, which was engaged in the divorce process Martynova, said that the marriage is legally binding. The representative argues that in making the first decision did not take into account a number of points. At the last court hearing in March Kozachenko was not.

      Saturday Vadim managed to surprise the guests of the show Galiya Akhmatova, which took place in the center of Moscow. His producer Irina Amanti took part in the presentation of the new collection of the fashion designer and took to the runway in lush wedding dress. The singer rose to the woman with the bouquet color. He gallantly sat down on one knee and proposed to her. Guests of the event managed to capture the lovers.

      Irina Amanti, which has worked for many years with Kazachenko, did not keep emotions and hugged choice. Meanwhile, singer and producer for a long time living together. Vadim even called her his “karmic wife.”

      Vadim Kazachenko blames ex-wife in the collapse of a career

      As soon as it became known on the novel celebrity with the producer, he almost immediately declared that his marriage to Olga – not more than fiction and a fatal mistake. Note that after the release of the next broadcast of “Let them talk”, in which Olga Martynova told the whole truth about the relationship with the singer, the fans are quite critical about his behavior and pounced on him with accusations. The man tried to get out of this situation.

      “Yes, it happened, and I understand people’s reactions because they do not understand what really happened, what was the period of her pregnancy and everything else. In this regard, since November I would be considered unemployed. I have no concerts, but the next tour was scheduled, had to cancel. Now I don’t know how to live further”, – said Kozachenko.

      Yet Irina has not commented on the happy event, but friends have already started congratulating the bride. Before you marry Amanti, Kazachenko need to solve all yuridicheskie issues with his still legal wife, Olga Martynova.