Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают» A week ago, aired the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor,” whose main character was Ilya Glinnikov. After the first ceremony rose only 15 beauties. They will be competing for the heart of the actor. Known hascontroller Moscow said the “StarHit” about the filming and his impressions after meeting with the star of “Interns”.

      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»

      Fans of the popular show about love “the Bachelor” continue to discuss the candidates for the heart of the actor Elijah Glinnikov. Spectators argue that the correct choice was made by the man and how interesting will be girls. The most unusual participant of the project immediately called Darya Putin – the girl who works passkontrolle. “StarHit” talked with the 29-year-old brunette about relations with competitors and feelings toward the bachelor.

      Participant of “the Bachelor,” Nadezhda Lysenko: “Elijah went into the project, to forget Aglaia”

      Dasha, Moscow art people you have long known. It turns out that the project was not for PR, but why then?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»He decided to try himself in a new role. I wanted to learn how to work with the camera to get out of the comfort zone and control, learn inside the process of creating these reality shows. Well, love was hoping, of course. All the girls waiting for a happy outcome. I think that to meet the love project is a miracle.—
      The institution in which you work is considered prestigious, there often come the stars. With Ilya ever intersect?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Perhaps, but because of the huge number of people I see at work, can’t remember where and when. For example, over the weekend, according to rough estimates by me are about 3500-4000 people.—
      So you saw him for the first time. At that moment felt ran Lee spark?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»To be honest, coming out of the limo, I don’t even know who that is. Maybe from excitement or just confused. Special feelings have arisen, only interest in the person and the further development of events. For Elijah this evening was one of the most difficult, because it came 25 girls, and one of him. Time to socialize with everyone not so much and a choice had to be done.

      Dash, how was Elijah, knowing what you do?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Don’t know what he was thinking at that moment, I can’t answer for him. I can only say that in a personal conversation, we discussed the concept of “selfmade” (the person who has made himself). This wording and he and I are very close. —
      But the girls must have tensed, felt a strong opponent?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»I do not agree. I’m at work strict, but in real life is quite different: much softer and kinder. Some of the girls knew me before the project, as went to dance in different popular clubs of Moscow.—
      How your friends reacted after learning that you are one of the brides stars?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»As soon as there’s a promo with my participation, my friend Edik Yakut posted it on Facebook with hashtag support: “Casapinta”, “Demologos, cadburies”. Then immediately showered with comments of support from my many friends. I was very worried due to the release of the project, because this experience is a first for me, but after such an active support of friends, the entire alarm has gone off into the background. And in my company have become popular jokes about the Adam’s Apple. We and they immediately set in motion a new hashtags “saccadic and Semitic”. In General, thanks to friends and family more, I’m not worried. —
      In your profession, probably occurred frequently funny stories. Which one is your favorite?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Yeah. A funny incident was I, by the way, with participants in one of the series TNT. Once came a group of people to a party with a foreign disc jockey. The entrance to such events is always stricter than usual. Of course, I do not know who they are, therefore, asked the standard questions about the presence of their names in the lists, and asked whether they are club card holders. In that response, I heard a lot of disturbance, they say: “You what? We are the stars of TNT! And you stupid uneducated, don’t know.” Well, with this approach I have a short conversation. Offended the guys and went back home. While the main characters among them I saw. Maybe it was the actor or someone from the crew.

      Aren’t you afraid of the reaction of some star athlete or angry at your refusal? How did you get into this field – she male?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Children of the 90s is nothing to fear. Got to face control by accident. Worked in the “Roof of the world” by the bartender, and then I was offered an internship at the input. At that time I was already a true specialist in cocktails, knew everything you need, so I happily went to examine a new case. To work on face control, you need to have the following qualities: sociability, stress resistance, responsibility, good visual memory, sense of style, proportion and understanding of new trends, the ability to resolve a crisis situation. You have to understand that you are the face of the institution and should always be on top. Oh, and most importantly – a love of people and music, of course. —
      And it happens that you openly threaten? I think, especially the often heard phrase: “do you know who I am?” Yes?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Threatening me every shift. Any face control there are three volumes of curses at him. We are the ones who hurt a person’s ego. Not everyone is able to cope with the strong angry emotions. The phrase “do you know who I am?” – all my favorite! And it I totally also meet. In 2007-m to year at a festival in Saint-Petersburg I danced near the DJ, not bothering anyone. Then before me appears the famous TV presenter and I’m getting a bit hurt. I tapped her on the shoulder and said, “Excuse me, but I dance.” In response to the received phrase: “do you know who I am?”. Then she called my name. I was not taken aback and said that I was – Daria Putin and I belong here. At this point, just opened up more space around the DJ, and push was not necessary. The incident stuck with me for life, because when I first heard this phrase.

      How was the communication with Ilya out of the cameras? What opinion of him you had?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»Outside the set we with Ilya have never had contact. To be honest, I thought that I would know in advance who will be the new bachelor, and I will have time and opportunity to be alone with him without the watchful attention of cameras. But no, TNT did not zabaluesh! I have, as practice shows, the first impression about a person on a 95% correct. Sometimes I think that too hastily draw conclusions, and we need to give people a chance, but after a while again come to the opinion that was formed over the first five minutes of dialogue. But it is in life, and at the project differently. There all strange, all new, all intriguing unexplored.—
      Girls, coming to the so-called waiting room that talked about Ilya?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»It’s funny, but some, like me, asked who he is and what he does. Half the night I couldn’t remember his name! And, coming to us, each was introduced and told about themselves. —
      Dasha, many considered you special, where you constantly need to have fun. Tell me, is it the first impression or you really are? Family want?
      Участница «Холостяка» Дарья Путина: «Мне постоянно угрожают»I have done that already. Family and kids, of course I do, I’m thirty this year, so I think that would be the time. Love to cook, self-development involved, with the kids can definitely handle this. Want three. I will solve the main, there in heaven. —
      Freindship and relationship with a star can be difficult. You have to verify this from personal experience?
      Yes. About the relationship can not tell, because it concerns not only me but also other people. However, there is a story about friendship with celebrities. I close with the band “30 seconds to mars” – Jared, Shannon Leto and Tomo Milichevich. When they come, try to show them the best places in Moscow. It is wildly popular. It is very difficult to eat when you every fifteen seconds someone suitable with a request for a photo or autograph. To be famous is a burden, and, by the way, Jared Leto copes with it perfectly. He’s a professional.