Макс Барских: «Я верю, что настоящая любовь еще впереди» The singer was disappointed in modern girls. Max Barsky told the “StarHit” about his attitude to the Dating sites, courtship by women and difficult novel, which he managed to grow.

      Макс Барских: «Я верю, что настоящая любовь еще впереди»

      The song max Barskih “Mists” and “Friend of the night” played on every radio station in the country. For the next month and a half the singer of the planned 31 concerts. From fans no end – daily max hundreds of letters to get acquainted in social networks, but he never answers. Barska is recognized that the background of success in a career he really lacks romance: “I Want to take a girl out on a date on the roof, have a heart, and not with anyone…” After parting with soloist of “VIA gra” Misha Romanova Max never met. Because all his spare time, he pays close ones – mother, sister and brother. Once again returned from America, the singer went to Ukraine to visit family and to celebrate the birthday of March 8.

      Thoughts about children

      “I find it hard to stay in one place more than two months. Becoming bored. I need constant movement. That’s why we live in America, in the Ukraine. When he got to Los Angeles, I realized that this is my city: creative atmosphere, interesting people. It is here that I have written fourth album, “Fog.” I rented an apartment in Hollywood, in the morning Jogging. The climate is conducive to a healthy lifestyle. In the States, very tasty burgers in vegan cafes. Meat does not want. Dream in the future to buy a house here, and in Ukraine – a cozy cabin in the woods.

      Макс Барских: «Я верю, что настоящая любовь еще впереди»

      With age, I began to appreciate family. I miss him. Moreover, we are so scattered: sister lives in Odessa, mom, dad and brother in her hometown of Kherson, and I live in Kiev. I had a birthday on March 8. I noted in Odessa at my sister Oksana, she’s 38 years old. Now she sits in the decree with the third child. On this special occasion my mom arrived. By the way, in her youth she played in the theater – that my mom insisted that I went to school with a creative slant. However, went to the artist because in the music Department admitted that I have no hearing, no voice. I have a 31-year-old brother Max – he’s a sailor. Dad and communicate often. The parents divorced long ago.

      I believe that friendship can turn into love. So we had Misha Romanova, a member of the group “VIA Gra”. We met at school in Kherson, when she was still Natasha Mogilenets, and I – Nicky Bortnik. One day after school in the music circle, she came up to me and offered to sing a duet. Between us ran a spark. Started Dating. Then together went to Kiev and entered Kiev state Academy of circus and variety art. Studied, rented an apartment.

      After the first year in 2008 I came to the project “star Factory” in Ukraine. And later Misha started to sing in a group. We were both always traveling, always tired. On this basis, scandals broke out. The flames were fanned rumors: wrote that we break up, back together and Misha is pregnant. But that’s not true. We both were not ready for children. The child needs attention, and we did not have enough time even for their own relationship. Fortunately, parted friends.
      Макс Барских: «Я верю, что настоящая любовь еще впереди»


      Last year for the first time are faced with a poltergeist. I’ve been looking for a new home in Kiev. In the end, the realtor said that she has a wonderful option! When she told him the address, I realized that know where this place is! It turned out that this spacious Studio, which was previously directed by Yevgeniy Timokhin. He often stayed musicians, stayed with me. I there madly in love, but, once in a dream apartment, I suddenly realized that she had lost her magic. The first night I dreamed crazy dreams. In the end, woke up from a strange noise in the living room as if it was jumping the ball. Came out, nothing. The head slipped by the horrible thought: “Maybe there lives a spirit?” The next day I came to visit sister. We went to a cafe. And when the evening came home, I realized that I was robbed. Gone is the computer and other valuables. Called the realtor and immediately moved out.

      I believe that the man has to win, why not reply to messages girls in social networks. Another issue is that over time fewer and fewer people can to surprise, comes disappointment. Besides, now many girls sell themselves. It is sad to watch. Appreciate girls with good education and sense of humor. True love I haven’t met. Believe that one day out of the house and it falls on me like a brick to the head…”