Вадим Казаченко подал на развод Musician prepares for court. Vadim and Olga Kozachenko got married in 2014, they had a son Philip, but the happy family life did not work out. Now the husband and wife see each other only in courtrooms during consideration of claims.
Вадим Казаченко подал на развод

Over fifteen years of tense debate between the singer Vadim Kazachenko and his wife Olga. The man tried to prove that his marriage with the girl really was a sham, despite the fact that last year they had a son Philip. While there were judicial proceedings, the musician has linked the life with its Director Irina Amanti, which has worked together for many years. The couple claimed that their marriage was contracted legally.

However, only a few days ago Vadim has filed for divorce from Olga. Now at the beginning of may there will be a pre-trial conversation.

“What would they with Irina may say, he is unable to marry her because, so far, is with me in marriage,” – said Kozachenko, “StarHit”.
Вадим Казаченко подал на развод

Not so long ago Olga has said that she submits to the court, but after a while she withdrew her claim. The wife of Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti said “StarHit” that forced the actor to take such a step. The producer says that they thought of new tactics.

“The law of the Russian Federation it is diluted, and then everything will be back in the first instance, and their marriage will be invalidated. As I am his lawful wife. And no it don’t have the right to breed. I have the original on hand, and she was given repeated testimony,” – said Irina.

Now between the parents of little Philip is a struggle for the property – once Olga dreamed of a big house in the suburbs. However, the dream to live with a musician and raise children together and have remained unfulfilled. Now the construction of the cottage suspended, and Kazachenko, as husband calls a young woman a part of your investment. Vadim Kazachenko preparing for a new lawsuit for the property

“We have previously won the dispute, then acknowledged that the grandmother is the legal owner of the property. For some time Vadim was talking about how that is not relevant to this house. And now he says that he invested in real estate. According to him, I only bought the land and the house erected at his expense, that is a lie,” said Olga.

Not so long ago, yet the legal spouse of the musician has won a court case requiring the maintenance for a one-year-old Philip. The kid and his father was even tested for a DNA examination, which established that the child was indeed born of Kazachenko. The man did not refuse from his obligations to pay monthly money for his son and waited for the decision will enter into force. However, while Olga never saw the promised money. According to her, Vadim filed a complaint to modify the amount of alimony.

“He didn’t file a complaint, the decision has not yet entered into force,” said Amanti.