Звезда «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина попала в ДТП On Tuesday, the model met with bubel Darling, and Daria Putina, known to viewers from the fifth season of Dating show. At first nothing foretold troubles. The girls had a nice chat and was about to leave the restaurant. But then in the Parking lot the incident occurred.
Звезда «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина попала в ДТП

Last night will long remain in the memory of Daria Lukinoj applying for heart Yegor creed. The model was meeting friends on the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor” Darling, Babel and Daria Putina. After sitting in the restaurant and talking heart to heart, the girls went home. Then the accident occurred.

In his models appeared footage of the wrecked car is white, which drove in the SUV. According to Klugenau, the driver with the third row turned into the Parking lot. Daria and her friends were not injured, and got off lightly. “I’m fine, a little sore knee”, – said the model.

After only a few minutes after the incident, Putin and Klyukina joking and laughing. Apparently, Daria was not one, and with each other. His nerves were not as strong as that of girls. “We are so scared and prepared, he’s gone to cafe to drink coffee. And put him behind the wheel of the woman, saying that more will not sit down. And all because I have not opened the driver door, I climbed out of the window feet first”, – said Putin in social networks.

Звезда «Холостяка» Дарья Клюкина попала в ДТП

Meanwhile, fans of the show “the Bachelor” never ceases to discuss the previous issue. It Egor creed said that does not believe Daria Lukinoj, and asked her to go home. The fact that the singer asked the model to quit, but she was unable to quit the habit. The incident is so excited about Egor that he devoted Darya song with the lines “Tell me, what is your word?”.

“Very often in life faced with the fact that people do not give account for their words and actions. You all know that I’m not very fond of Smoking girls, and all of you know that I hate being lied to. On a project when you don’t hear talk behind the camera — on the camera, I don’t know what interview the man gives, you can judge it only on your meetings (but not so much),” wrote creed in the microblog.

Egor added that he always tries to influence other people that they have evolved for the better. This is especially true of those who by like. “Quit cigarettes easy (I speak from experience). But if you have motivation, then all easy. A few days later I went purely by chance to the girls in the room and saw Dasha with a cigarette. Disappointment. And, of course, not from Smoking,” said the artist.

However, the creed could not fully let go Klucina. Yegor went after the girl and caught up with her at the airport. “I went not because he changed his mind or felt it was wrong. No. When I transplanted her to his car, I just wanted to set the record straight,” explained the hero of a romantic show.