Вадим Казаченко развелся с женой
Pop star of the 90s celebrates the victory.

Vadim Kazachenko Irina Amanti

famous singer Vadim Kazachenko again incredibly popular. Alas, not because he released a new album or has successfully completed a tour. The name of the musician is hearing because of what he brings to the audience
an endless war between his two wives. It became known that the artist,
who is now 55 years old, finally divorced his young wife
Olga Kazachenko, who bore him a son Philip. However, the decision will come into force
only a month, and by law each spouse has the right to challenge it.

we’re no longer husband and wife. At full power, the decision will come only after a month, but I
I don’t think any of us will begin to challenge the judge’s verdict,” — said Olga
the publication, “Old Heath”.

married with Olga in 2014, but somehow unilaterally decided to free yourself from
family ties and married again — this time on its Director Irina

Last time wife Kozachenko joined the
public skirmish in early July. Then Olga said that Irina did not give her
quiet life. July 1, Olga Kazachenko made another
statement. The wife of a famous actor said in social networks that Irina Amanti,
Director Vadim, blackmails her. Olga claims that darling husband
has incriminating evidence, which she threatens to publish.

We are talking about the “strawberry” — candid photos of Olga, which she allegedly
once upon a time were sent to her husband on the phone. The wife of the singer said that keeps
calm and not react to the threats Amanti. Apparently, she did it
recognition in order to try to rehabilitate in the eyes
the public, as it implies that the images can still appear in free

“While the concert Director my husband Vadim Kazachenko Irina blackmailing
me threatening to put my “indecent photos”, which I had sent to his
my husband would like to ask you: did you send your husbands or Boyfriends of the intimate
photo? They were blackmailing you then them?” — interested in Olga.