Елена Кулецкая рассекретила пол будущего ребенка
Fans are sure to figure out who is born to model.

Photo: Instagram

Only six weeks left before the birth of the second child Elena kuletskoy. The model up to a certain point concealed his “interesting” situation, but when the stomach it was impossible to hide under loose clothes, the star confessed to the audience that she is pregnant.

“Despite a decent time, I’m still shocked, — confessed the star. — No, we certainly knew where babies come from, and even in the Grand dreams making plans for a two-year interval, but… Two strips of steel a surprise to me. Prompted, by the way, urgently to stop the “milk shop”. Yes, not Vice versa, as some have suggested. It took me a week to go to the doctor for confirmation. And then… had to hold out for a week to confess to her husband, thus preparing him with a magical surprise for the New Year. Is such a gift!”

Elena also admitted that the first pregnancy and the second is two completely different States. Especially when you are expecting a child in the company of a small child. In may her daughter Nika was only 2 years, so dreams of Helen and her husband Stanislav Romanovsky — about a two-year break — accidentally true.

Kuletskaya, as during the first pregnancy, pretty candid with the fans. She honestly answers all questions about your condition, with the exception, perhaps, only one: who she is born. While fans are sure it’s a boy. The fact that recently the Helen in “stories”, answering a question about a boy or a girl, posted a reply that her and her husband while “encrypted”, on a blue background. Meanwhile, the palette for the text in Instagram is quite diverse. Why model chose blue? Subscribers kuletskoy decided that the star decided to huliganit and encrypt the answer to their question.