Вадим Казаченко винит экс-супругу в крахе карьеры The star of the 90s finds that his ex-wife broke the connection with the fans. After Olga Martynova came to the program “Let them talk”, the students changed attitude towards the artist. Vadim Kazachenko trying to justify to fans.

      Вадим Казаченко винит экс-супругу в крахе карьеры

      In December of last year, the family of Vadim Kazachenko real scandal. His pregnant wife Olga asked for help in the program “Let them talk”, where she talked about her husband. Despite the fact that it is in an interesting position, the singer wanted to divorce her. However, recently the court declared this marriage is fake, however, it could not release the artist from payment of the alimony for the kid. Vadim Kazachenko freed from pregnant wife

      Vadim Kazachenko, known for the hit 90-x years “it Hurts me, it hurts”, is now reaping the fruits of a scandal. According to the artist, he turned away from the fans, who rushed to the ticket office to take the tickets to his concerts.

      “Yes, it happened, and I understand people’s reactions because they do not understand what really happened, what was the period of her pregnancy and everything else. In this regard, since November I would be considered unemployed. I have no concerts, but the next tour was scheduled, had to cancel. Now I don’t know how to live further”, – said Kozachenko.

      Due to the cancellation of concerts, the singer is in a depressed state. He understands that some women who adored him, took the position of his estranged pregnant wife. The artist understands that most questions he was able to work with Olga without attention of the cameras, but the woman decided to act on their own, why come on the air.

      “Obviously now people still continue to donate tickets. It got me in a very depressed state in my career this is the first time. See, I’m the man who worked all his life. Worked in a country where I had great relationships with people, and today I have great difficulty with the work, and my health and psychological state,” complained the artist.

      For many years, the artist is working with producer Irina Amanti. The man calls her his “wife karma”. Despite the fact that they share not only a working relationship but a romantic, he did not rush to propose hands and hearts. Vadim Kazachenko considers that the marriage with Olga – it is a big mistake. Vadim Kazachenko publicly humiliated pregnant wife

      “I don’t understand, for that I beg her forgiveness! I never insulted, for several years kept her. I did not raise her hand. I made a very big mistake that just did not go to the registry office and not filed for divorce. So I want to emphasize again: good people, I didn’t commit any crimes!” – said Kozachenko in an interview with Life.