Андрей Бартенев сменил Александра Васильева в «Модном приговоре» Fashion historian’s leaving popular show. Alexander Vasiliev “Fashion verdict” is an eccentric artist Andrey Bartenev. In the first of March viewers will be able to see what advice women give the flamboyant fashion designer.

      Андрей Бартенев сменил Александра Васильева в «Модном приговоре»

      With the beginning of spring on the First channel viewers will see the updated program “Fashion verdict”. Instead of the fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev in the Studio will appear the artist and designer Andrey Bartenev. The man has earned the fame outrageous and daring designer who not only comes up with extravagant costumes, but also wearing them myself. Now for help in updating the wardrobe of the Russian women will go to extraordinary designer. Andrey Bartenev: “Begin by studying your naked body”

      Andrey Bartenev is famous for its unusual view on art. He is often satisfied with performances in shopping malls, theatres and exhibitions. “In Kuntsevo Plaza I at the main entrance was built imposingly lounging cat white 4.5 meters tall. I asked on the first day before the official opening of the exhibition to remove all the fencing and to see what will be the end of the day. Come in the evening – a white cat is the whole bottom stained with traces of children’s shoes up to the neck. Look him in the face – and he’s happy! For him these marks of children’s shoes as medals for love. And then I realized that my cat is alive! And he loves all of his audience! And I experienced through him the power of magic arts thanks to him for that!” – told the artist in an interview with “StarHit”.

      Evelina khromtchenko and Nadezhda Babkina will remain as experts transfer. According to the press service of the First channel, Alexander Vasiliev have only temporarily left the program, and it is possible they will return to the usual place.

      Fashion historian loves his profession and enjoys sharing beauty secrets with women. Not so long ago it became known that the designer is the God daughter Martha Milovidova. The girl is very kind to Vasilyev and happy that he has influenced her taste in clothes.

      “I tell everyone that Alexander Vasilyev is my godfather, because it is very proud of him. He is an incredible man, he is my motivator in life. Alexander often give fashionable clothes. I have three brothers, and growing up, I often imitated, wore pants, and godfather taught me to dress feminine,” said Martha, in one of the shows.