Vadim Galygin showed his 18-year-old beautiful daughter

Вадим Галыгин показал свою 18-летнюю красавицу-дочь
The comedian walked on the prom in high school.

Photo: Instagram

Vadim Galygin has never hidden that he has a daughter from his first marriage, but do not advertise this fact. Comedian doesn’t like to recall their early marriage, and the identity of his first wife and did not disclose. They say that the ex-wife did not communicate for many years, but my daughter still managed to get along.

Anyway, until recently, even fans of galygina did not know that he has a grown daughter. When the current wife gave birth to Vadim’s son, all the media wrote that the comedian first became a father. However, this year, Taisia was 18 years old, and recently she graduated from high school. The girl along with her mother now live in Moscow, and this fact contributes a lot to the communication of Polina and Vadim.

“Docha!!! Shine! Create! Bother! Love! Look! Study!!! We love you!!!” — wrote in his personal blog proud Galygin and published a photo of the girls from the prom.

A very touching moment: among the invitees was and Vadim Galygin, Jr., son of the humorist from his third marriage. The boy is now 7 years old, and this year he will only go to the first class. In the picture Vadim Jr. hugs his sister, and she inclines to his head. It is evident that these two love each other, despite the fact that they were born from different mothers.

By the way, last galygina surprised and his colleagues. They all, of course, was aware that Vadim has a daughter, but didn’t expect it to be this old already.

“Aduna!!! How quickly our children grow!!! She’s a beauty!!!” — wrote in the comments Alexander Revva.