Touching wedding photos Pelagia delighted fans

Трогательное фото со свадьбы Пелагеи восхитило поклонников The marriage of the star couple happened two years ago in strict secrecy. Romantic the ceremony posted to Instagram a close friend of Pelagia Catherine. A rare shot immediately caused excitement among the fans.
Трогательное фото со свадьбы Пелагеи восхитило поклонников

Singer Pelageya is not often pleases fans with details of his personal life. The artist prefers not to post photos to social networks and to comment on the rumors related to her relationship. That is why the Network is almost impossible to find photos of the wedding star hockey player Ivan by Telegony.

The other day lovers celebrated the second anniversary of marriage, and with this important event they decided to congratulate a friend of Pelageya Catherine. A young woman posted on Instagram a touching scenes from the wedding.

“My lads, I congratulate you with anniversary! I can’t help but post this photo! Because you are so beautiful, happy, loving each other my kids. Let every year your love is only growing stronger, that of tenderness, passion, respect and harmony was not region. Stay always young, reckless and in love, look always in the same direction,” wrote a friend of Pelageya.
Трогательное фото со свадьбы Пелагеи восхитило поклонников

Photo of the happy couple caused a sensation in the Network. Fans immediately began to make compliments wringing, noting that she was literally glowing with happiness beside her husband. “What a beauty Pauline! Just no words”, “I Join in the congratulations. Live long and prosper”, “I Love this couple. Pauline is such a gentle, fragile, and Ivan is a real defender”, – shared his impressions of fans of the stars.

It is worth saying that the last few months were difficult for the couple. The fact that at the end of February some Karina laid out in Instagram photo and video, in which she touchingly embraces hockey player. In the end, fans started to discuss the alleged cheating Telegin.

Pelagia herself were quick to note that their relationship is working just fine, and she had no reason to worry. Recently, the lovers went to a vacation together, to dispel rumors of family conflicts.

Earlier, the actress mentioned that she is happy with her husband, and she has nothing to be ashamed of.

“A good conscience, said to be the best pillow. So you see, dear friends, I have a clear conscience, and I sleep fine. And everything else that saying, don’t believe it. I wouldn’t be able to live in peace, if what you write was true, if I have someone taken away…It’s just another period in my life which made me stronger,” said the singer.

The fans hope that the lovers really overcome the crisis in relations and will now be able to fully enjoy his senses.

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