СРОЧНО! Андрей Малахов уходит с Первого канала
On the national TV some major changes.

Andrey Malakhov

News: Andrei Malakhov leaves the First channel, where
he worked for almost 25 years. The reason was the conflict with the lead producer of the show “Let
say.” Given the imminent start of a new season, a 45-year-old Malakhov is already looking for
urgent replacement.

Malakhov is one of the few on the national TV, who worked
one channel for so many years. He started out as a simple reporter and the author of the stories
on 1-m the channel “Ostankino” was the editor of the program “Morning”, the leading column “Style”,
then the host of “Good morning”. And since 2001,the air began to leave the talk show
associated with the name of Malakhov — “Big wash”, “Five evenings”, “Let them talk”.

The main version about the new job Malakhov is considered to be his
the transition to RTR. Surprisingly, in the light of recent events, Andrey Malakhov
still held together with Yana Churikova opening of the music festival “HEAT”
Baku, the broadcasting of which is planned on the First channel.