Sergey Karjakin became a father for the second time

Сергей Карякин стал отцом во второй раз
The wife of the famous chess player gave birth to a boy.

Сергей Карякин стал отцом во второй раз

Sergey Karjakin with his eldest son Alexei

Photo: Social networks

The wife of Sergey Karjakin Galia with his youngest son

Photo: Social networks

The famous chess player Sergey Karjakin became a father for the second time. The other day his wife Galia gave birth to a boy. A mom with a newborn was discharged from the hospital. Immediately
after the baby is born star dad drove to the hospital and met with Junior
son, and then was forced to fly to the training camp. “The statement once again I do not have time (extract older
son also passed without Sergei), — shared the athlete. — Well, that
time to get acquainted. Thanks super-mom Galiya!”

Sergey became a world superstar in 2016, when
he won the tournament and became the rival of the incumbent
world champion Magnus Carlsen. Also Sergey at the age of 12 years has entered in the world book
Guinness world records as the youngest grandmaster. Although the fight against Carlsen he
lose, after this tournament Karjakin drew the attention of the public.

“After the match against Carlsen, I have become much more popular than before
this, said the player in an interview — Playing something I’m pretty
not bad, but the real popularity came after the match. So
now I’m in some degree reaping the fruits of this glory. I am invited to
a huge number of meetings, various events, simultaneous
games and lectures. So much time spend on such, we can say that the socio-commercial