Официально: муж Виктории Дайнеко подал на развод
The first meeting of the divorce process will be held on August 17.

Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Dmitry Kleiman filed a petition for dissolution of marriage with Victoria Daineko. Statement
was taken to Kuntsevo district court on July 11, a hearing on the case
will be held on August 17. This is the official website of the Department. Despite the breakup with her husband, singer
hoping to save his marriage, but unfortunately, this did not happen. Star hard
experienced a breakup with a loved one. Recall that Victoria and Dmitri,
raising a daughter together, have decided to leave, it became known in March of this year. In the beginning
summer in the Network appeared the photo, where Kleiman is depicted with two beauties
smeared with lipstick. Later Victoria found out that after
she left with Dimitri, one of her close friends, apparently, started with
an affair…

“And what is the name of a friend who first
you make friends and you trust them: name the most important events, and then she
begins to lick the “g” to your husband, and apparently something else, huh? Just curious
as such moral sorry**current is the earth…” —shared Victoria.

Not so long ago in an interview
7days.ru Dayneko first told about the difficulties in the relationship with her husband.
According to Victoria, the main problem in understanding the
the jealousy of Dmitry. The couple lived as “cats and dogs” and swore constantly. But
Victoria is still hoping to reconcile with Kleiman. “I don’t know what will
further. And don’t even want to think about it. I hope that all will be well in any
case: we remain with Dima or not. Of course, I live calm without
of these scandals. But still want to give the person a chance to realize something and
edit. Until, of course, doesn’t look like it will happen, because Dima
thinks I should understand his mistake and corrected. But suddenly
some point he will Wake up and realize that everything is in his hands?” — shared

At the same
time, recently, Kleiman has made it clear that he considers it Daineko to blame for the collapse of their marriage. In one of
publications in his microblog, he wrote that his dog is the only
environment, who is not capable of betrayal. As a result, it
the drummer was the initiator of the divorce process.