«Уральские пельмени» остались без 39 миллионов The staff was rendered in a lawsuit against the former Director. Recently, the team “Ural dumplings” once again sued Sergei Natascha. They wanted to obtain a substantial sum of money that was spent on the creation of the show.

For several years, the team of Comedy show “Ural dumplings” in a legal battle with its former Director, Sergei Nitievskiy. Not so long ago, they turned again to the servants of Themis in order to return 39 million rubles. However, today it became known that the Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area has denied the claim.

The team believed that the man they were deceived, and 21 organization of the concert could not cost the same amount of money. Performances took place from 2012 to 2015. However, the court decided that all charges have under themselves the basis, and the money was used as intended. Sergey Nitievskiy admitted that he was confident in his abilities and didn’t expect any other outcome.

“This lawsuit was based on a completely contrived reason to put pressure on me after my former colleagues lost the court for the transfer of licensing rights for 73 archival concert in his new organization “Ural dumplings production” raising illegal 230 million rubles. Moreover, the court of appeal indicated that their current Director Evgeny Orlov acted in collusion, in doing this deal. And all the founders for it may be brought to responsibility”, – said Nitievskiy.

Sergei told “StarHit” that after he won the case, began to negotiate with the leadership of the CTC, which for over 10 years shows show “Ural dumplings”. He was convinced that the audience does not have to worry about your favorite program.

“It turns out that he illegally transferred the rights to the name “the Ural pelmeni production”, and for ridiculous money – just 11 thousand for the release, and sold much more expensive. Now we are negotiating with CCC. The decision has entered into force on 6 March. Our rights have been violated since the conclusion of the contract from April 2016. Processing was called “Ural dumplings. Favorite,” said Nitievskiy “StarHit”.

Former Director of “Ural dumplings” explained that the show needed not only actors and authors, but also a great team of workers who remain behind the scenes, but who receive pay for their work. Nitievskiy assumes that everything is known about these costs, and now just trying to tarnish his name and to draw a series of trials. Sergey Nitievskiy about “the Ural pelmeni”: “They will be ashamed”

“I am convinced that these empty and futile attacks on my address rather work against them and image show. We gave the court all the evidence substantiated all the expenses for the production of concerts in Ekaterinburg. The court adopted and rejected my former colleagues in full, as one would expect,” – said Nitievskiy.