The wife of Igor Nikolaev suffers from problems with the chest

Жена Игоря Николаева страдает из-за проблем с грудью Julia Proskuryakova complained to the fans for the problems with the selection of clothing. According to the wife of singer, it is very difficult to find everyday things, as she has an impressive bust.

The wife of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova has always been famous for mouth-watering forms. After the birth of her daughter she was recruited for dropping pregnancy pounds to things again sat on her perfectly. However, as said actress, she still remained the problems that she faces while shopping. A young woman is the owner of a luxury bust, but narrow waist. She complained about the situation to his followers.

“I have always had Breasts! Own, native, alive and real! I constantly hear from friends and acquaintances: “Oh, you’re so lucky, I wish I had your Boobs”. I always thought that the good breast is the dignity of women, but today walking to the shops in search of a good stylish shirts I realized that the presence of Breasts is a disaster! More or less pretty good shirt brands created models only for boys without Breasts. My clothing size 42-44 (S/M) and in the shoulders and in the hips, and in all other parts of the shirt sit perfectly, but in the chest they just don’t agree,” complained the wife of Nikolaev.

According to Proskuryakova, she really want to designers have started to produce things for “normal women “whipped” physique”.

“Here I fully agree with you! Once I arrived to the store, and sold me to the question: “Is my size? Said: “we Have nothing on you!”. I was so hurt”, “It is true suffer many”, “Julia, join your disturbance, and I want to add that the designers took into account the existence of the figures the girls where there ass and waist, and where among these places the bend (not straight from the neck to the heels, like from logs). The presence of Breasts is an eternal perelivy top of the clothes, but also all life have to redo skirts, trousers, etc”, said netizens.

Julia rarely share details of my personal life on Instagram, preferring to put photos from events. However, when the crook grabbed her microblog, she began the proceedings. Fortunately, she managed to settle the problem and not lose information.

“For me, hacking account can be compared with the break-in, it is unpleasant and disgusting. The reason for this intervention in my life I do not understand. I think the hackers were hoping to discover intriguing personal correspondence or were attracted by the number of subscribers that can be used for advertising purposes,” shared Julia.