Неожиданные подробности разрыва Кончаловского и Толкалиной

Yegor Konchalovsky and Love Tolkalina seemed to be one of the strongest couples Russian kinoprogramma, but they were unable to resist destroying everything in its path 2016. Summing up the leap year, on his page in Facebook Love wrote: “And it is a secret and most importantly – only finally parting with my husband, I learned how to be friends with him”.

Fan was shocked by the recognition of Tolkalina, but no details of the breakup, the couple is not told.

Today Love decided to clarify the situation.

“Actually, we broke up a long time ago, the actress told reporters. – We’ve been friends for seven years – you know, for all this unexpected news. But recently we have ceased to live together, and I decided to announce it. But I have no more comments to give do not want. In one major journal soon to come interview and you will know everything”.

That led to the collapse of this family is unknown, but recently, Konchalovsky talked about the fact that love brought him great pain: “It’s a pain. Real pain. You know it at some point.”

Recall, the couple has been together for 20 years, the date of the beginning of their family life they were called on 25 June 1996. Your marriage star is not registered in the registry office, though, and had a child in common.