16-летняя дочка Джуда Лоу стала лицом известной компании
Iris went in the footsteps of her godmother.

16-летняя дочка Джуда Лоу стала лицом известной компании

Jude Law


Daughter Jude
Lowe’s iris, which until last fall was 16 years old, already successfully
storming of the heights of the fashion business. She recently became the face of cosmetic line
Burberry. About
it reported the Internet-the edition People.com.

“I first
times tried his hand in modeling about a year ago. Me from the
the beginning was fascinated by this work, but about how to deal with this matter seriously I
started to think recently!” – said iris.

by the way, that girl has all the prerequisites to become a successful model. After all, her mother is actress Sadie frost, ex-wife of Jude law,
in his youth, too successfully labored in this field. And iris, which, according to
many, very similar to his mother in his youth, quite capable of not only
to repeat, but to surpass its achievements. Besides, my daughter Jude have
a great mentor — her godmother is Kate moss.

Iris Lowe

Photo: @Instagram lirisaw iris Lowe

As she admitted, she believes that the company has to trust her new job ads brand of lipstick – giving her a great honor. However, before Burberry on iris drew the attention of the representatives of the fashion industry. So, she has managed to work for Miu-Miu.

By the way, iris is not the first in the young generation of the family of Lowe, who successfully develops the business model. The brother of the girl, 20-year-old Rafferty was the eldest son of Sadie and Jude — have managed successfully to work for Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY. Lowe admitted that he is very proud of the achievements of their children. But he would prefer that they did not make modeling my profession. “My son Rafferty is a talented musician who plays multiple instruments. And I hope that music will be the main thing in his life…” said Jude.