Nick cannon came to the defense of Marii Carey

Ник Кеннон встал на защиту Мерайи Кери

Ex-husband of Marii Carey Nick cannon said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that there will always be a reliable rear for the mothers of their children. In particular, the showman stood up for Mariu in the context of its disastrous Christmas show.

“You know I love conspiracy theories. I think the government did it! And joking away, I’m sure she was framed. It’s obvious” — said Nick.
Recall that Carey blames his failure of a team of sound engineers that don’t set up the sound, and later, Maria not heard your own soundtrack and sang to herself. Nick declares that he himself has suffered from this negligent team. But the sound answer that did it, and it Maria did not want to do a sound check before the performance.