Ума Турман спровоцировала слухи о воссоединении со своим бывшим
Actress again was close with Andre first.

Uma Thurman and Andre Balazs


47-year-old Uma Thurman surprised her fans: the network got the pictures taken
paparazzi, where the actress was caught in the society of her ex-boyfriend’s 60 — year-old Andre first.

As it became
you know, the first invited the Mind to spend time with him in one of the belonging to him
hotels in Sunset Beach, located in the Hamptons. Andre is a very wealthy man, he owns a
the international Empire of hotels. In addition to the above, he still owns the Mercer Hotel in new York, Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Chiltren Firehouse in London…

who saw the Mind and Andre together, say that although they have not allowed myself to openly
to show their feelings in public, both have behaved more like lovers,
than friends. In the past the first was with Thurman, which lasted about three years, and all my friends Minds were
sure that they the actress will play with him wedding. Alas, in 2007 they broke up.

In 2014
Thurman and Balazs made an attempt to reunite, but they stayed together
very long. Incidentally, the attempt took place shortly after Thurman was terminated
engagement with another of her ex — Arpad Bussana, the father of her younger daughters of the moon.
Recall that since the actress broke up
with Bussana, he had the order to spoil
her nerves. Arpad constantly suing Thurman, trying to take her daughter and constantly pushes the charges against her, damaging her reputation. Fortunately
for Minds, until the victory is for her.